Top 7 best dating sites 2017

best dating sites 2017The experts of the site examined some leading online dating sites within the United States and out of it and made a list of online dating sites which promise to be the best in 2017. We evaluated them in light of usability, database, level of services, variety of opportunities, etc. So have a look at every single site and decide which one is the most convenient for you. Here’s the list of 7 top best dating sites. It’s free to surf! Enjoy!

1. HesheDate International Dating site.

heshedateIt’s the International Dating Site which welcomes men and women all over the world and provides them a reliable platform for the communication, a superior support, and a professional guidance for customers.

  • Audience: Americans, Europeans, Asians; women are mostly from Slavic countries, especially from Ukraine and Russian.
  • Advantages: a personalized approach allows offering matches with special treats of character according to the man’s preferences, special appearance (look like a certain celeb), the level of English, special achievements (singers, book writers, dancers, body builders, etc.). Also, it provides a professional enlightenment to women in terms of cultural differences of people from different countries. There is a reliable security data and payment system; an interesting bonus program and a flexible credits system.
  • “Coolees”:  an advanced personalized search, extra services which help have some common experience together and evolve relationship.
  • Chatting, gifts, newsletters which inform customers about new updated information of their matches.
  • Price: free membership, only services (calls, meetings, rent an apartment; walk on the yacht, etc.)
  • Usability: an easy and interesting interface, pages with “follow-up effect” which help understand every single step on the site and its result.
  • Everything is great, but: not all photos are available for free; most Slavic girls need an interpreter.


2. Zoosk. dating siteIt’s a huge online dating site which “gained its mass” thanks to being inserted to social networks and smartphones. Needless to say, how many opportunities it opens in front of not just English speaking audience, but in front of those who speak Globish (English quite understandable for the universal community).


  • Audience: young daters who want to hook up or get into serious relationships.
  • Advantages: the immediate search result and the great opportunity to find somebody from your neighborhood.
  • “Coolees”: the Zoosk Scientific Matchmaking Service offers a questionnaire of compatibility to help you to find like-minded people. Chatting, gifts, connecting users to Facebook to inform them about new updated information of their matches.
  • Price: membership is fee-based from 9.99$ till 29.95 $
  • Usability: an easy interface, quite understandable Free, Premium, Basic options. Again, Zoosk Scientific Matching System  is a good search helper.
  • Everything is great, but: they recommend few matches; restricted search option, and customer support by phone.


3. Lovestruck. dating siteIt’s a time saving online dating site which finds partners for you according to the  location. The site is designed to help those in the neighborhood to get into relationships. It’s quite practical.


  • Audience: singles from your neighborhood and some from major cities in other countries.
  • Advantages: a quicker and more effective possibility to find a partner, even for lunch or dinner.
  • “Coolees”: Tube station search parameter which individualizes  the search option.
  • Price: membership is a £16 minimum per month.
  • Usability: an easy interface, connection to social networks.
  • Everything is great, but: restricted search option in light of the international community.


4. Plentyoffish. dating siteIt’s a free site with a more detailed search option to help people find like-minded partners.


  • Audience: mostly Americans and literally all the singles on Earth.
  • Advantages: a quicker and more effective possibility to find a partner, even for lunch or dinner. “Coolees”: a special POF Relationship Chemistry Predictor test, which determines your character, intentions, and social interaction.  According to this, it searches the matches.
  • Price: Free enter.
  • Usability:  a simple interface, directing you straight to the place you need; people’s testimonials show its credibility.
  • Everything is great, but: bad-colored interface.


5. EliteSingles. dating siteThe site is as serious as serious are the customers coming here for a serious relationship. Its users are representatives from the educated environment: they hold a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree.


  • Audience: people with a high social status.
  • Advantages:  a very targeted search allows to find the exactly convenient partner.
  • “Coolees”:  5-Factor Personality Questionnaire asks about the character, interests, habits, preferences in relationships; secure Fraud Detection Systemassures people’s data safety”.
  • Price: joining for 3-12 months, respectively 34.95$-19.95$ per month.
  • Usability:  an interesting design, detailed search, indicating age, physical parameters, family intentions, educational background and income, habits, religion.
  • Everything is great, but: if you do not have a university degree and a well-paid job, you have few chances to find somebody.


6. eHarmony. dating siteIt’s a very popular online dating site in the USA whose a professional personality test allows to find a perfect match.  Its ad campaigns gain millions of visitors.


  • Audience: mostly Americans.
  • Advantages: lots of options to talk about oneself and, as a result, to have a clear idea about the potential perfect match.
  •  “Coolees”:  “Something to Talk About” feature; Guided Communication; a four-step process.
  • Price: period options are 1 month, 6 month, and 24 months. Respectively, the membership fee is 59.05$, 33.95$, and 10.95$ per month.
  • Usability:  an easy layout allows indicating necessary data and finds easily best matches for a person. No need to fill out additional info forms or a questionnaire.
  • Everything is great, but: free communication is not enough to find a partner. More substantial options are costly.


7. dating siteIt’s an another online dating site which completes  our “Best dating sites 2017” list with a huge data base. You may look at potential dates for free and then start the communication after subscribing.


  • Audience: Europeans and Americans.
  • Advantages: it’s quite realizable to find somebody in one’s particular area.
  • “Coolees”:  singles events help to get to know each other better.
  • Price: £12.99 per month for a 6 month membership.
  • Usability:  a nice design and an understandable surface which inspires to use the site.
  • Everything is great, but: the search option is more area-oriented than personality-oriented.

We humbly suggest that you will find the most convenient site that meets your expectations and assures you a real possible result. You should be aware of the missions of the site, its long-term results, a support system, and credibility. Good luck and your love breakthrough awaits you!