Best dating services 2017

An online dating service is much more than just an online dating site. The service means the site must have an additional value, which is often realized through a specific interaction directly with a customer.

We examined a bunch of online dating services ranking them according to the level of a customer support and the way of the additional interaction with him. So here’s the list of the best dating services 2017.


chemistryYou don’t have to appoint a meeting with Dr. Helen Fisher, Ph.D. anthropologist, human behavior researcher, and ask her if you’re compatible with someone. Right here, at this site, you can complete a test and find out who your possible perfect match might be. A customer has a chance to have a great enlightenment by reading her blog available via the site. The site examines  your profiles, your preferences, etc. and offers you a tailored feedback.

For many singles, it seems dated because there are lots of sites which provide the more interesting and contemporary content.


2. OkCupid

okcupidAn innovative approach toward dating by providing a blind date surprises customers and attracts mostly the 18-to-35 age audience.  The dating service demonstrates the direct interaction with the users. It offers a questionnaire whose questions are submitted by customers and then sent to the OkCupid team. They personalized their approach: people may rate the importance of the question.

However, the most important things are fee-based. It means they disclose a totally meaningful information to you if you pay. Only after that, it’s possible to get into relationships.

3. LavaLife

lavalifeIt’s a 3-level dating service. The team works for you if you are interested in dating, relationships, and intimate encounters.

They provide multiple options for older singles: instant messaging with video, phone calls, sharing of private photos.

Nonetheless, there’s no feedback and no dialogue with the team. They provide – you consume. Perhaps, you may complain if you’re not


4. Howaboutwe

howaboutweThey make a real interaction happen. There are almost no preliminaries. You fill in the blank and write about your perfect date. So the dating service arranges it for you.

It’s great to know the founders, Aaron Schildkrout and  Brian Schechter, and the mission of the site.  It makes the service reliable. Once they saw the goal of online dating business and decided to meet the primary expectation of the client: make the actual date happen.

The owners publish their articles in the magazines, such as New York Times, explaining their new product and its purpose.



5. Meetme

meetmeThe site uses games to promote the interaction between people. In order to surprise its customer, the site provided a great service – recording and exchanging short videos. This feature attracts the younger crowd.

If you’re a social media animal, this thing is for you. But this is a one-way road. You consume the product and do not interact with the provider.  However, unlike social media, it’s not free and in order to have tangible results you have to pay.



6. Spark network.

spark-netThe dating service was specifically created for people who share the same religious, cultural, and ethnic values. The service is simple and designed to help people from a specific environment.

The dating service is well worked out: they offer a survey and the opportunity to interact through e-cards and messages. Also, they integrated a “Secret Admirer” option.

The service’s staff does a great offline job: informing about Jewish events and travel destinations. They care!

Nonetheless, the site is narrow in terms of the targeted audience. Do not subscribe if you do not share the same interests and beliefs.

7. HesheDate

hesheWe got to the dating service which promises to be the best dating service 2017. It was conceived as a service and was born as a dating platform with the service’s features. Interacting, listening to the clients is the key facets of its functioning. That’s why the superior support by phone, Viber/Whatsapp apps, Skype are provided. Besides, it provides a free informational service on how to get around the country. Also, it offers extra services.

Women, for example, get a sort of the enlightenment in terms of the cultural, racial, ethnic differences.

The main services are hands-on and well-tailored.   The profile allows you to have the clear clue what person you’re about to talk or date.

The service understands men’s preferences. That’s why it sends newsletters with the ladies looking like celebs or informing about girls with special achievements.

Besides, the service offers a bonus program and a flexible payment system to help the customer take advantage of all the opportunities.

Nowadays, the best dating services 2017 must be the live embodiment of the services, the best platforms, and a superior support through a vital interaction with a customer.  The customer shouldn’t be isolated or left face-to-face with the product they provide. It’s a 2-way traffic where services are constantly evolving and offering the best ways of meeting their expectations.