Best dating sites in the USA 2017

The USA is well known for the high quality level of services; moreover, for its-client oriented approach. The core task of any business in America is making customers come back for more. Besides, business teams sell relationships and feelings and emotions they stir. So the “mojo” of those businesses is a personalized customer service. At least, if it’s a massive thing, they make customers feel they are unique. When customers face indifference, it’s a wild card. The fault might be costly. Let’s make a clear example.

In 2016 the world saw the brilliant game Pokemon Go. On July 30, 2016 they made an update. Usually, that’s the common practice. They do it all the time. But what did they not do? They did not provide a good customer care: no interaction with customers on this issue. As a result, they lost about 3 million active users.

So a customer care is a big thing. Due to this axiom, the experts of Heshedate ranked the best dating sites 2017 in the USA by categorizing them into groups. Thus, here’s the list of the best dating sites 2017 in the USA, each of them represents a specific group.

  1. Across – the – board dating sites 2017.

If you’re a pioneer in a certain field, you have all the chances to dictate the pace in the market. So one of the first American dating sites was Match. The site provides a customer support by phone and by e-mail. The system is so well-tailored that it makes important search procedures automatic. Most people do not need guidance. However, 13.5 million people visiting Match every day might have out of FAQ questions. Regarding this fact, it seems quite complicated to cover all this quantity.

  1. Mobile – oriented dating sites 2017.

Most people use mobile apps to get what they want. Obviously, they like surfing different sites while doing some other stuff, including online dating sites. The best dating site whose mobile app is great is Zoosk. Over 35 million users can communicate via the Internet, Facebook, Iphone, and smartphones. Zoosk does have this incredible range of options to make the best and the quickest match. Respectively, it must have a multi-level support system to make customers satisfied. However, the customer care is provided only by phone.

  1. Dating sites 2017 with serious intentions.

This kind of sites is for people who intend to have serious, long term relationships. Speaking of, a good one is EHarmony. EHarmony helps singles in the USA find a lifelong partner. The site provides enough room for telling about yourself and a perfect match.  The customer support is brightly presented via a Guided Communication System, dating tips, etc. They declare 438 people get married per day thanks to EHarmony. The site provides a huge customer care, but you have to read a lot for the answer to your question in the FAQ section. Managers seem not to be reachable for the straight communication.

  1. Religious dating sites 2017.

These sites are mostly Christian ones. They have a small pool, and it makes the search effective for a specific audience. A good Christian site is ChristianMingle. It has 2.4 million visitors a month who are obviously like-minded. The customer service is available 24/7. You can always ask via a Contact form or find the info in the FAQ.

However, after filling in the form, you don’t know how much time to wait for a reply.

  1. Senior dating sites 2017.

These sites are supposed to help people over 50 who have been divorced or lost their partners to get a second chance in a life. Besides, you don’t have to be a tech prof to be able to use it.

OurTime is a dating site for singles over 50. It’s easy to sign up and use the search system. Each month 1.4 million people visit the site. They can get to know each other better via live chatting, texting, sending video and audio messages, etc.

The customer care team offers a FAQ section and a concern form for the client-manager interaction. Again, there are no terms of when the reply will be provided.

  1. Free dating sites 2017.

Free dating sites are like social media – you can get lost in a huge pool of candidates and a search system is not so well tailored as at fee – charged dating sites.

However, the giants such as Match, EHarmony, Elitesingles, etc. have free options which can be used to find a match. For example, the Match’s subscriber gets 3 days for free. Also, if a man or a woman can’t find someone to interact during 6 months, he or she receives another 6 month free subscription.

  1. Dating sites 2017 with a specific audience.

This kind of dating sites meets the expectations of a specific audience. For example, Heandshetoday dating site welcomes girls from CIS countries, mostly from Ukraine and Russia.  Slavic women are well known for their beauty and family-oriented values. However, the male audience can be from everywhere: America, Europe, and Asia.

The customer care is provided by phone, e-mail, Skype, personal assistance. The personal assistance means the users can get in touch with Heandshetoday manager who politely guides them through the whole process.

The best dating sites 2017 are the ones which not just provide a wide field to play in, but a good professional guidance. In 2015, 15% of Americans subscribed to dating sites or used mobile dating apps. The statistics speaks volume. The growing quantity of users must leverage dating sites provide a superior customer support. That’s what makes them the best in the realm.